3D Robot


3-axis robot with gripping device

3-axis robot with gripping device.

Degrees of freedom:

  • Shaft 1: Rotation 180°
  • Shaft 2: Forward/back 90 mm
  • Shaft 3: Up/down 150 mm

Scope of Delivery:

  • 4 DC motors, including 2 with integrated magnetic encoder (Max. pulse frequency: 1 kHz)
  • 4 Limit switches, 2 pulse sensors for path measurement
  • 8 Digital inputs
  • 8 Outputs, 24V (4 Motors clockwise/counterclockwise rotation, 24V version incl. relay board for motor polarity reversal)
  • Large model: approx. 390x200x30 mm (LxWxH).
  • Model mounted on stable wooden board.
  • Screw terminals
  • Model can be ideally combined with conveyor belt, punch press and intermittent assembly line.
This product is sold as an accessory to the Simulation PLC Trainer.
Each Fischertechnik 3D Robot includes:
  • 2 additional cables to connect to the Simulation PLC Trainer
  • Fischertechnik 3D Robot Instruction Manual
  • One base student program
  • One complete, documented instructor program


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