Custom Industrial Automation Training

Customized advanced training on PLC, HMI, SCADA, Machine Vision, Fluid Power and other industrial automation topics

Custom Training


In addition to basic and advanced PLC programming classes, Automation Consulting, LLC provides customized advanced industrial automation training on PLC, HMI, SCADA, Machine Vision, Fluid Power and other industrial automation topics. From sensors and safety circuits to motor control and actuators, our courses allow students to test their skills using actual industrial control hardware.

Custom courses are based on Industrial Automation: Hands On by Frank Lamb, and course topics and emphases can be chosen by the client and may include hands-on labs. Class sizes are small, allowing individual attention and customizable courses. Choose the material you want to concentrate on using our online checklist, and we tailor the class to your needs!


  • Automation & Manufacturing
  • Concepts
    • Controls – Scaling, I/O, Numbering
    • Feature: Communication Protocols
    • Electricity
    • Pneumatics/Hydraulics
    • Process Types
    • Documentation
    • Safety
    • OEE
    • ESD
  • Components & Hardware
    • Controllers
    • OITs
    • Sensors
    • Power/Motor Control
    • Discrete Electrical Components
    • Actuators
    • Motion Control (Intro)
    • Motors
    • Mechanical Mechanisms
    • Structure: Extrusion, Welded
    • Enclosures
  • Machine Systems
    • Conveyors
    • Indexers and Synchornous Machines
    • Part Feeding and Escapements
    • Robots
  • Processes & Machinery
    • Chemical & Petrochemical
    • Food & Beverage
    • Packaging & Material Handling
    • Web Handling & Converting
    • Metal, Plastics & Glass
    • Assembly Machines
    • Inspection & Test Equiptment
  • Software
    • Controls Programming & Languages
    • Design Software
    • Analysis Software
    • Office Software
    • SCADA & Data Acquisition
    • Databases
    • Enterprise Software
  • Occupations & Trades
    • Engineering
    • Mechanical Electrical Trades
  • Business Systems
    • Automation Related
    • Typical Manufacturing Organizations
    • Lean Six-Sigma Overview
    • Systemization of Processes
  • Machine & System Design
  • Applications

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