Advanced PLC Hardware and Programming Class

A hands-on PLC programming course for advanced students

Advanced PLC Programming Class

4.5 days, $2,500

This advanced PLC programming class focuses on techniques rather than instructions. Students should already have experience with programming on their chosen platform before taking this class!

Class sizes are small, allowing individual attention. Choose the material you want to concentrate on using our online checklist, and we tailor the class to your needs!

Classes take place in our interactive classroom near Nashville, TN.

The Basics:

  • Program Structure and Design
  • Tricks, Tips and Essentials
  • Templates, UDTs and Add-Ons
  • System Functions
  • I/O Structures and Treatment
  • Sequences
  • Faults and Alarms
  • HMI/SCADA Interfacing
  • Recipes and Part Tracking


  • Platforms (Select One):
    • Allen-Bradley SLC/Micro
    • Allen-Bradley ControlLogix/CompactLogix
    • Siemens S7
    • Siemens TIA
    • Automation Direct (Koyo) DL200/300/400
    • Major Platform Overview
  • Methods:
    • Machine Control
    • Process Control
    • Utilities
  • Machine Vision
  • Robotics
  • Sensors
  • Fluid Power
  • Safety Systems
  • Advanced Debug

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