PLC Hardware & Programming: Multi-Platform

5 lesson course to learn the fundamentals of PLC programming

What’s different about this course?


This course is NOT brand-specific

This course gives you the knowledge and abilities to program a broad family of PLCs.


Prepares you for advanced programming

Upon completing this course, you will have sufficient knowledge to take our more advanced courses that cover techniques for in-depth machine and process control actually used in industry.


General understanding of all PLCs

With the knowledge learned from this course, you will have the ability to program and troubleshoot a broad spectrum of PLC types.


Includes Course Manual

The PLC Hardware & Programming: Multi-Platform course comes with a handy reference and guidebook that can be used long after the course is completed.

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Below are the 5 course lessons, as well as an overview video to introduce you to the course concepts. Sign up on Thinkific to get started today!

Introduction & Overview

Basic Ladder Logic

What is a PLC? History & Layout

Advanced Ladder Logic

Memory, Data & Languages

Maintenance & Troubleshooting