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This guide offers a complete tutorial on organizing your PLC routines and tags. It takes you beyond the basic programming instructions covered in typical training classes and shows you how your program and tags or symbols should be configured. It discusses some of the methods of program arrangement used in industrial applications and how tags and symbol names can be optimized for description and easy location. It also describes some of the differences between machine control and process control and includes a description of how P&ID numbers are formatted.

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Here’s What You Will Learn:

Machine vs. Process Control

Understand the difference between machine control and process control, as well as the various industry applications for each. 


Program Organization

Before beginning a program, it’s important to start with a written overview of what the system does and decide on the program structure and layout.

Common Routine Types

Learn all about common system, input, output, fault and alarm, and homing routines, including illustrations and examples of each.

Tags, Symbols & Descriptions

This guide describes tag naming conventions, user defined types (UDTs), process control, and P&ID symbols used in machine programs.