Standard PLC Hardware and Programming Class

A basic introduction to PLC programming and hardware

Introductory PLC Programming Class

4.5 Days, $2,500

This course is intended to familiarize engineers with PLC programming and troubleshooting. It approaches PLCs from a brand-agnostic viewpoint, but allows students to learn PLC programming using software of their choice. All of the basic instructions are covered and an overview of advanced instructions is also presented. Programming is primarily in Ladder Logic, though Statement List is also used for Siemens.

The Basics:

  • Definition
  • History
  • Hardware and Communications
  • Memory
  • Program Processing
  • Ladder Logic
    • Contacts and Coils
    • Timers and Counters
    • Data and File Movement
    • Math Instructions and Comparisons
    • Other Instructions (Overview)
  • Maintenance and Troubleshooting


  • Platforms (Select One):
    • Allen-Bradley SLC/Micro
    • Allen-Bradley ControlLogix/CompactLogix
    • Siemens S7
    • Siemens TIA
    • Automation Direct (Koyo) DL200/300/400
    • Major Platform Overview
  • Methods:
    • Machine Control
    • Process Control
    • Utilities
  • Program Organization
  • HMI Interfacing
  • Device/System Interfacing
  • In Depth Debug and Troubleshooting

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