PLC Programming Training

Allen Bradley


Automation Consulting LLC takes a knowledgeable, one-of-a-kind approach to its advanced controls programming and vision systems training to ensure its students fully comprehend the techniques and theory behind programming, regardless of the brand used.  Additionally, with expert training offered in machine design, business theory and in-depth industrial automation concepts and applications, Automation Consulting LLC has a training course for every sector in your company, ensuring a seamless, more efficient workplace.

We offer standard PLC programming classes in Allen-Bradley (SLC and ControlLogix), Siemens S7 and other platforms through Automation Training, a full-service company with on-site and regional classes.

Advanced PLC Training

Automation Consulting LLC provides advanced controls programming classes that go beyond those offered by brand-specific instructors. Rather than concentrating on how the individual programming software packages operate, we teach structural and template-based techniques. With expertise in Allen Bradley, Koyo and Siemens platforms, we can take you further than the intermediate level training offered by other PLC and HMI classes.

Technical Training

Machine design and analysis – Classes take an in-depth look at data collection, inspection, testing and measurement design and analysis for your new line.

Industrial Automation: Hands On  – Training based on Frank Lamb’s book, Industrial Automation: Hands On, details industrial automation concepts, terminology and applications on topics including  sensors, pneumatics, components and hardware, machine systems, robots, Six Sigma lean manufacturing and applications.

Vision systems  – Automation Consulting LLC takes a non-brand specific approach to teaching the techniques and theory of automated imaging inspection and analysis.

Efficiency & productivity  – To best optimize business efficiency and factory floor productivity in your workplace, Automation Consulting LLC offers training seminars on communication, buy-in, hiring & training, standardization & templates, documentation, organization and more.